Family Dinner Raises Happy, Healthy Children

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May 10, 2022
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Family Dinner Raises Happy, Healthy Children

The table is where our children learn from their elders, practice good eating habits, and feel a sense of belonging and security. Whether your kids are little, or not so little anymore, family dinners are important moments of meaningful connection that matter. Let’s look at a few ways family dinners benefit not only the kids, but the whole family.  


In all the hustle and bustle of life, how often do we just get a quiet moment to sit down and chat with friends, loved ones and our kids. Dinnertime is a standing appointment to do just that – no distractions, no devices, just you and your family having a conversation over a delicious meal. It’s a daily check in to find out how your child’s really doing – from school and friendships, to little accomplishments and emotional struggles. Don’t just ask “How was your day?” Get more specific. This shows real interest, gets the conversation flowing and gives your child the space and time to open up about things they may be hesitant to talk about. Reestablish dinner as a time to reconnect, away from all the noise.


A sense of belonging is one of the most important human needs. As adults, we find our tribes in running clubs, church groups and stokvels. We all know the great joy of feeling like we belong. Just by adopting dinnertime as a family ritual, you can impart this feeling of belonging on your children.  One of the earliest points of social acceptance for kids comes in the form of the family unit. Mealtimes together are one of the important ways to strengthen sense of belonging within a family, which leads to a child feeling secure, safe and stable.  Studies have shown that children who have regular family dinners have higher self-esteem, lower risk of depression and a greater sense of resilience.


Children love to learn. They are born with curiosity and ask a lot of questions to feed this curiosity. The dinner table is the perfect platform for them to ask away, and in the process, learn about the world around them, their family history and themselves. They’re also learning secondary things along the way like good eating habits, table manners and new words. Research shows that kids who eat with their parents have a larger vocabulary and perform better academically than kids who don’t. Plus, you get to learn new things from your children too such as interesting facts they’ve discovered at school or insights into their blossoming personality.


Whether you’re sitting at the dinner table, on the patio or around the braai; regular shared mealtimes make a positive impact on your child’s development and wellbeing.  Royco’s convenient products and delicious recipes are here to help you make daily family dinner a reality. You can spend less time in the kitchen and more time together.