Mealtime Roles For Everyone

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May 10, 2022
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Mealtime Roles For Everyone

Sitting around the dinner table is an important time to get together, relax and reconnect with your family. But spending quality time with your family can start long before the meal is served?  That’s because with Royco’s easy-to-use products you can turn an average dinner preparation into a bonding experience for the whole family. Let’s explore how you can give everyone a duty in the kitchen or dining room.


Whether sitting at the table or at the kitchen counter, setting up for dinner is an important task that can become a ritual to gather the family around a meal. Younger kids can help by placing the tablecloth and placemats on the dining table. Older children can place the cutlery and crockery. They can even get a little creative by adding some flowers from the garden in a vase, or personalise paper placemats with a drawing.


With a range of Royco products, tips and tricks, cooking by yourself may be quick and convenient, but cooking with the whole family can be fun and create special memories that will last a lifetime. These Saucy Meatballs with Pasta is made in just a few simple steps that even busy little hands can get involved. Once you’ve made the mince mixture, your kids can help form the round meatballs. Pour the Royco Bolognaise Wet Cook-in-Sauce all over their wonderful, wonky meatballs before popping them into the oven. Just before you’re ready to serve the dish, get the kids to sprinkle parmesan cheese all over as the finishing touch.


Doing the dishes can be a point of contention in many families, but the process can be sped up when all hands are on deck, and you add a little bit of fun to the task. Try and create a production line. Someone clearing up, someone washing up and someone drying and packing up. This is a great way to introduce kids to chores and a shared sense of responsibility in keeping the home clean.

Every aspect of dinnertime can be transformed into a time to connect, learn from each other and catch up after a long day. Involving your children also makes mealtime fun. Apart from making great memories with your loved ones, you’re also giving your children a sense of belonging and responsibility. So, go ahead and find more Royco recipes that allow you to get everyone involved in the kitchen.