3 DIY Dinners that get Everyone Involved

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July 18, 2022
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3 DIY Dinners that get Everyone Involved

Especially with Royco’s quick, easy and delicious weekend meals. Not only will you be serving up the most scrumptious dishes, but you can get the whole crew involved and make an experience. Here are three ways to reconnect with your loved ones this weekend:


These Chicken Pot Pies are a warm, hearty and delicious way to start a winter weekend. Preparing this dish is a fun and creative activity the whole family can take part in. When shopping, make sure you have an extra pack of puff pastry in the trolley. 

Once you’ve added your filling to your pie bases, and topped them with their pastry lids, the real fun can begin – decorating the top of your pies.  All you need are cookie cutters, in various shapes, and that extra pack of pastry. 

Don’t have cookie cutters? Scavenge through the kitchen for utensils and containers that can imprint patterns and cut shapes. The kids can use a whisk or potato masher to make a print, or a plastic cup to make a circle that can be scrunched into a flower. Secure your shapes on the pie lid, by using beaten egg as the ‘glue’, before popping the pies in the oven, brush the tops of your pies with the egg wash too. 


Our savoury mince recipe is a versatile meat sauce that can be used in so many ways, but for a DIY dinner, we propose losing the usual pasta base, and using it as the ultimate taco filler.  

Along with the savoury mince make a selection of homemade condiments: guacamole, Royco’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce, a tomato and onion salad, shredded cabbage and chopped chillies. Now place everything out on the table along with hard taco shells or soft taco wraps and gather the family. We love the mini taco wraps available in stores, the allows for everyone to have more than one combo.

Dig in! Get everyone to build their ultimate taco filling it up as they please. this DIY dining style is a great way to linger a little longer around the dinner table.


After a busy week, Sunday is often a day of reconnection, when big family gatherings happen. We have the perfect, easy and tasty meal for you and the family. A curry feast featuring Royco’s Butter Chicken Curry and a Spicy Lentil Curry. You take care of the curries before everyone arrives, and then ask everyone in the family to bring an unsliced loaf of white bread. Cut the loaves in halves, and make sure everyone has one.

Get everyone to hollow out their own half by gently removing the soft inside of the bread. Now line up and fill your half-loaf with your choice of the two curries - or a combination of the two. Sit down, and get stuck in! A meal to be eaten with your hands and the ones you love most.

After a busy week it’s important to reconnect with your family. And the weekend allows the perfect opportunity to cook together, eat together and share with one another. Browse our easy and convenient recipes, to find more DIY dinners that your family will love making and eating.