Welcome to our Table - A No Phone Zone

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July 18, 2022
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Welcome to our Table - A No Phone Zone

But this constant connectivity affects our real-world connections with our partners and children. Royco is committed to helping South Africa celebrate the connections that matter most by delivering products that save you time and recipes that inspire your family to gather. We’re bringing back the family dinner, and we’re declaring it a sacred space - a no phone zone. Here are a few simple ways of making your table a place for reconnection.


It’s a good idea to make dinner at a specific time, this way, everyone in the family knows to stop working or finish up homework by this time.  In addition, give everyone in the household a countdown call to dinner. When you’re putting the finishing touches on the salad, or the oven timer has just 10 minutes left, let everyone know it’s 10 minutes until they need to be at the table – without their phones. This allows them to finish up what they were doing and come prepared to reconnect with the whole family.  


Another way to keep phones away from the dinner table and have your family reconnecting without interruption is to put all devices on airplane mode. To make this idea come alive, why not go on a foodie trip right from the comfort of your dining room table? For example, with Royco’s warm, hearty and rich Spinach And Cheese Cannelloni, you can bring the taste of Italy to your home. Choose a new destination once a week, this is sure to keep your family entertained, engaged and away from their phones.  


You can create a phone free-zone, and extend your family quality time, long before dinner even starts by getting your family to help prepare the meal. First, gather everyone in the kitchen, then have them place their phones in a bowl or basket and let the cooking begin.  A great meal to cook as a team are Royco’s Oriental Drumsticks. While one child is mixing the Royco Chicken Marinade, the other could be measuring out the oriental spices. Now, all that’s left to do is for your partner to throw these juicy drumsticks on the braai. Join around the fire, without your phones and get the conversation started. 


15 minutes before dinner time, switch off the TV or gaming console, and ask your kids to think about an answer to a question - like their favourite part of the day or what they would do with a million rand. Turning off the screens a while before dinner, will avoid tension right before you sit down, and allows them to work on their conversation starter before seated. Once you’re all gathered around the table, get everyone to share their story – one by one. It’s a great way to get everyone to linger around the dinner table a little longer instead of rushing off to check their phones. 

With all the daily distractions we face, like our cell phones, we can easily lose focus on those connections that matter the most – the ones we have with our family, friends and loved ones. But with a little creativity, a few tips and great meals, it’s not hard to keep our bonds thriving. For more ideas on how you can reconnect with your family, check out all Royco’s delicious recipes, meal tips and convenient products.