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Vegetarian Twist to Family Favourites

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May 10, 2022
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Vegetarian Twist to Family Favourites

From bolognaise to chicken a la king, we explore how six of our favourite dinnertime classics can easily be adapted to become vegetarian meals. Having a few meat-free meals up your sleeve is a great way to improve your family’s overall wellbeing, save money on groceries and reduce your household's carbon footprint.


Bangers and mash is a hearty classic that is always a hit around the table. We’ve upgraded this old favourite into an all-in-one dinner, boosted with veggies and Royco flavour. It’s oh-so easy to turn this dish into a vegetarian dinner. Simply, switch the meat bangers with plant-based sausages and follow the same recipe instructions.


There’s nothing quite like a creamy a la king served on a bed of fluffy rice. To adapt this family favourite, leave out the chicken and add an additional punnet of exotic mushrooms to our recipe. Mushrooms add a delicious umami flavour, and their texture that will satisfy even the most discerning carnivores at your table.


The braai grid isn’t just for meat. An easy way to cater for vegetarians at your next braai is to whip up some veggie sosaties marinated in Royco Sparerib Marinade. Simply replace the steak in this recipe with halloumi cheese; and instead of the bacon, use red pepper. Halloumi is a firm, salty Greek cheese that is made to withstand the heat. Everyone will love these gooey, grilled kebabs.


In many South African homes, bolognaise is on the menu weekly. Change it up and cut the cost of this dish by transforming this recipe into a vegetarian version. Simply replace the beef mince with a combination of brown and red lentils. This results in a textured vegetarian bolognaise sauce, packed with flavour thanks to our Royco Bolognaise Cook-in Sauce.


Royco Butter Chicken Recipe Base is a versatile product that can be added to much more than just a classic butter chicken. Replace the chicken in this recipe with cauliflower florets and cubes of paneer cheese for a hearty vegetarian curry, perfect for cold winter nights.


Lasagna is a great dish for a big family gathering or a friends’ dinner party. If you have guests who are vegetarian, try this veggie take on your classic beef lasagna. Replace the mince in this recipe with a selection of vegetables which creates a textured filling that is flavourful. We suggest grated carrots, chopped baby marrow, brinjals and peppers.